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Ongoing Projects

  • biopatents in animal breeding

    applicability of patent law and recommendations for the future development of the regulatory and legislative framework

    This projects aims to generate scientific evidenceto support policy decisions on biopatenting in animal breeding. The project analysis the applicability of patent law in animal breeding and creates recommentdations for the future development of the regulatory and legislative framework, giving particular attentiont to how patent law concepts can be reconciled with the realities of conventional animal breeding. Based on legal analysis and the model of interdisciplinary institutional analysis, possible conflicts between patent law concepts and the practices of animal breeding are identified. In order to clarify needs for action and possible alternatives, regulatory and legislative options (including the status quo), their pre-conditions and implicationsare identified and pathways for action are developed.

    The research cooperation consists of Cardiff University, the Technical University of Munich and the Society for Institutional Analysis (sofia) of the University of Applied Sciences. The project is funded by the Federal Agency of Agriculture and Food(BLE).

  • clima-pro
    Developing instruments to improve the business cooperation of German enterprises in terms of environmental and climate protection projects in developing and newly industrializing countries.
    The central focus of the research project is analysis of the legal, administrative and economic requirements of market access. For this purpose, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates have been selected as target countries. The cultural aspects that could be important to economic success shall also be considered.
    The project concentrates on three industry sectors: energy, waste and water. Opportunities based on the trade of emission certificates (CDM projects) shall also be taken into account.
    Information Flyer, english (pdf, 93 KB)
    Information Flyer, french (pdf, 62 KB)
    The research cooperation consists of the Institute for Environmental Studies and Applied Research (IESAR) of the University of Applied Sciences in Bingen (Germany) and the Society for Institutional Analysis (sofia) of the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt (Germany).
    The Research project is within the scope of FHprofUnd-Programms , supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Project management by AIF. For further information see the german site of sofia or the official website (german website).


  • Improving the Integrated European Impact Assessment?
    On behalf of the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) the international workshop "Improving the Integrated European Impact Assessment", Berlin, 15-17 September 2008, explored means and possibilities to strengthen the environmental aspects within the EU Impact Assessment System.
    Executive Summary



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