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  • The European Impact Assessment and the Environment
    Bizer, Kilian; Lechner, Sebastian; Führ, Martin (Eds.)
    1st Edition., 2010, 200 p., Hardcover
    ISBN: 978-3-642-11669-8
  • Legal appraisal of the proposed REACh-Annex XIII revision
    Führ, Martin
    on behalf of WWF European Policy Office
    sofia - Statements Nr. 08-2, Darmstadt, December 2008, ISBN 978-3-933795-91-5.
  • Legal appraisal of nano technologies
    Existing legal framework, the need for regulation and regulative options at a European and a national level

    Führ, M./Merenyi, Stefanie et al., Dessau 2007, German Environmental Protection Agency, ISSN 1862-4804, 10/07: Download
  • Evaluation of the German Act on Environmental Impact Assessment
    N. Bedke, J. Dopfer, S. Kellert, D. Kober; in: Environmental Law Network International, elni review 1/2007; p. 25-29; Download
  • Self-responsibility as a regulatory concept – as illustrated by the REACh decision-making process
    M. Führ/U. Lahl; in: Th. Ormond/M. Führ/R. Barth: Environmental law and policy at the turn to the 21st century (Lexxion 2006). p. 209 – 220
  • Transnational Law Making - The WEEE-Example 
    Führ, M.; Contribution to the liber amicorum for Ludwig Krämer:
    Richard Macrory (Ed.): Reflections on 30 Years of EU Environmental Law - A High Level of Protection, Europa Law Publishing, Groningen (NL), 2006, p. 273 - 285: (pdf, 270 kB)
  • Environmental Law and Policy at the Turn to the 21st Century
    Liber amicorum for Betty Gebers
    Even though this book is published some years after the beginning of the century, the present environmental law in Europe has been essentially produced in the last 20 years, and current environmental policy is still based on the courses set in this time. One of the actors in this process was Betty Gebers, as environmental lawyer for NGOs and until her premature death in September 2004. Her life achievements but also the current status in the fields where she was active will be examined in the following articles. The combination of retrospective and present-day analysis forms also the basis of some prognosis how environmental law and policy in Europe could further develop in the next decade(s) of this century.
    Lexxion, Berlin 2006 flyer (pdf, 827 KB), table of contents.
  • Mind the Gap - Interface Problems between EC Chemicals law and sectoral environmental legislation
    Führ, M./Merenyi, S.; In: Review of European Community and International Environmental Law (RECIEL), Blackwell Publishing (forthcoming).
  • REACh as a paradigm shift in chemical policy - responsive regulation and behavioural models
    Führ, M./Bizer, K.; in: Journal of Cleaner Production (JCLP), Elsevier, Exeter (UK) forthcoming (pdf, 400 kB).
  • Interface Problems between EC Chemicals Law and sector specific Environmental Legislation (IPPC/WFD)
    Führ, M./Merenyi, S., German Environmental Protection Agency, ISSN 0722-186X, 04/05, Dessau 2005: Download.


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