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Ongoing Projects (Selection)

  • LIFE Ask REACH (LIFE16 GIE/DE/000738)
    In the context of the EU-LIFE-Program 20 partners covering 13 EU countries joined forces. LIFE AskREACH has the overall goal to enhance substitution of SVHC in articles by increasing the market demand for SVHC free articles and supporting industrial actors to identify SVHC in their articles. The project does not target industrial processing or particular articles or substances directly, but contributes to exposure reduction by raising awareness and ultimately changing the purchasing behaviour of consumers as well as the approaches to product design by the market actors.
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  • Consumer behaviour and Innovation towards sustainable Chemistry (CInChem/KInChem)
    Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Ecudaction and Research (BMBF) sofia conducts a research project in collaboration with the german branch of Friends of the Earth (BUND), the International Chemical Secretariat (ChemSec) and the research group on regulatory toxicology of the Stockholm University.
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  • Market opportunites for „Sustainable Chemistry“ triggered by the REACH Regulation
    How to foster proactive approaches to chemicals management, in particular with regard to "substances in articles" is the core question in this transdisziplinary research project. Und the lead of sofia member companies of the  Federal Association of the German sports goods industry (BSI) and Association of textile- and leather chemicals manufacturers (TEGEWA) are looking into proaktive business models benefiting from chemicals legislation.
    The project is funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU).
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Latest update: 2017-10-11