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The Green Deal is the European Strategy to bring the United Nations “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG´s) into life. With its holistic approach, it is a unique regulatory concept that includes all areas of action that fall within the competence of the European Union. The vision of the Green Deal is to create a resource-conserving, non-toxic, climate-neutral Circular Economy not only in Europe, but also along the value chains abroad, at least insofar as these supply goods to the EU. In the years from 2019 to 2024, the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament launched a large number of initiatives and finalised most of them. 

A well-known example in the industrial sector is the "EU Taxonomy" published in 2020. It is a classification scheme for economic activities to assess their environmental performance. The taxonomy aims to prevent greenwashing and help investors make sustainable investment decisions. The "Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive" helps companies to consider the resilience of their business models in terms of the Sustainable Development transitions and align their strategies towards the business opportunities offered under the Green Deal. Another big step, indeed a cornerstone was made in 2024, when the new Ecodesign-Regulation was adopted. It formulates far reaching requirements for all sorts of products aiming to prolong the use phase of the articles and its components as far as reasonable possible.

The complexity of the Green Deal hampers a clear understanding of how its policies create impact – from short-term to long-term – and which actors along the multiple supply chains and value networks need to provide which behavioural (change) contributions in this respect. Comprehending the Green Deal starts with a proper mapping of its relevant elements and the links that exist between them. 

In this respect, the research group sofia developed, i.a. within a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research an interactive map (see below). The aim the interactive map is to provide an overview and in-depth understanding of the different initiatives and regulatory processes. .The interactive map entails several levels of detail. The first level provides a general overview highlighting the significance and impact of the Green Deal policies. The next levels unfold the details in a stepwise approach. 

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